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We offer great variety of individual and group programs. Our students' and our experience proves that focusing on following areas can literally change your career!

Education Methodology
A teaching methodology that helps student understand the same school/college subjects better through a different learning process. A result oriented methodology that keeps delivering successful result throughout the all the exams.

The importance of a teacher as a medium between student and education holds an immense importance. Our teachers are not just experienced on parameters of time but knowledge too.Curiosity of students and motivating them are always at their prime concern.

Study material
Our expert and experienced teachers have taken thorough care in preparing study materials/pamphlets for all the is prepared in the "easy to understand" manner so that student can recall and write down an answer easilly.

Internal Exam
Exam as a test of knowledge has its own importance and GYAANDEEP exercises its own internal examination system.Weekly/Monthly Tests are conducted to make students aware of their strength and weaknesses in command over different chapters. It also helps in evaluating and improving the method of writing the answers for better results in final exams.

Revision Lecture
A special arrangement,just before examination time, where student can clear all his doubts, and gets better understanding of the topics,in which he/she feels less confident.These revision lectures boosts the confidence to perform better.

Mock Test for Board Examinations
What ammount of confidence would student gain if he/she has an experience of board examinations even before actually appearing in it..? From fee reciepts,sitting arrangements,Board style question papers,third-party classroom observers and independent evaluation of answersheets following board rules..all these mocktest features gives exact idea,how board exams are conducted.So that student becomes well-informed about board examination environment.

Difficulty/Problem Solving Lectures
A weekly exercise of difficulty solving lecture helps students solve all the difficulties from the ongoing chapters itself. Student gets an opportunity to meet teachers personally and solves the uncleared topics.

Communication with parents
Student's career is always a prime concern to parents. GYANDEEP maintains constant communication with them. Apart from regular reports on attendance and discipline, we welcome their suggestions at parents meet. The dicussions helps us to know the real potential and makes us suggest better for student's brighter future.

Career Guidance
At GYANDEEP efforts for student betterment continues even after the examinations.Making board/college students aware about all the future career avenues and opportunities is considered as an indispensable duty by us. With a view to attain the same, special seminars are organised so that no career possibility goes unscanned and student can make a right career choice.

Gyandeep is better known as pioneer & one of the oldest coaching institute in the field of Commerce Education. "Gyan" means Knowledge, and Knowledge is Power, true to this saying Gyandeep imparts knowledge with its 3 strategically located branches and offer power of success to each of its students by well-equipped infrastructure & experienced teachers. Gyandeep is specialist in the field of education, so for a special position in exams, trust the specialist !